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Tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world – second only to water!  The numerous health benefits of this ancient beverage are widely studied, making it “on trend” for all the right reasons.  In fact, with such high antioxidant levels, drinking tea is healthier than drinking water!   
Three 6 Tea is thrilled to launch a new fundraising initiative that offers an amazing assortment of our best-selling teas.  Our local, family-owned retail tea store and café has served the community of Selkirk since 2015. The Communi-tea Fundraising Program contains selections that will appeal to a wide variety of people, at a reasonable price point, and our diverse collection is sure to inspire multiple product orders.    We are also proud to offer your organization a 36% profit on EVERY item sold!



With something for everyone, our Communi-tea Fundraising Loose Leaf Tea Guide includes:

Fresh & Fruity
Vibrant blends that lend themselves to flavourful iced teas.  Caffeine-free Fruit Tisanes also make the perfect choice for children, as an alternative to sugary drinks.

Warm & Cozy
A hug in a mug, these varieties are perfect for cold winter days and crisp fall evenings featuring cozy spices and decadent dessert profiles.

Classic Favs
From Organic Sencha Green Tea to our beautiful Earl Grey Crème - these blends are proven year-round favourites.

Herbal & Wellness
Choose from soothing herbs such as organic peppermint and chamomile or a blend of traditional herbs created to assist with a variety of maladies.

The ultimate superfood! This ground green tea boosts antioxidants, energy & focus while offering a sense of calm.  We offer three outstanding flavours that are best-sellers in our tea café. 

An assortment of handy tools to start you on your tea journey!





We desire to make your fundraising experience easy and seamless.  Our Fundraising Kit provides each seller in your organization with a colour Loose Leaf Tea Brochure and order form.  Allow 3 weeks for delivery once your Master Order Form is submitted.  We are happy to individually bag each seller’s products into classroom groupings and hand-deliver orders to your organization, at no charge!
Three 6 Tea - Fundraising Information



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