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Wedding Gift Sets

Customized gift sets are a beautiful thank-you
for anyone who helped make your day that much more special.

Choose from over 150 premium teas and tisanes. 
Incorporate your own personal favourites or those of the recipients into a thoughtful 3 or 6 piece gift set.

Each 3 and 6 piece gift set is displayed in
1.5 oz tins and enclosed in an elegant gift box.

Personalize each set with a custom label featuring a collection name,
a heartfelt message, list of teas chosen, and your wedding colours.

Ideal for bridal party gifts, family members or anyone you would like to thank
for hosting events or making your wedding special.

We are happy to go over options of colors and designs. 
Please contact us for more information or to begin designing these thoughtful gift sets.

3 Piece Gift Set - $38.00        6 Piece Gift Set - $60.00

Three 6 Tea Wedding Gift 6 Piece SetThree 6 Tea Custom Wedding Gift
Three 6 Tea Custom Wedding Gift 3 Piece Set
Three 6 Tea Wedding Gift Set Custom LabelThree 6 Tea Custom Gift Set

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